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delivery business in 2024

In the competitive catering industry, managing delivery efficiently and providing an exceptional customer experience are increasingly important.
For caterers looking to thrive, adopting the latest industry trends, learning from the successes of leading brands, and implementing cutting-edge delivery management tools are essential strategies. These practices not only help in boosting delivery service profits but also play a critical role in maintaining a positive brand reputation. Emphasizing the importance of strategic operations and technology use, caterers can distinguish themselves in the bustling market, ensuring long-term success. Catering businesses aiming for growth must prioritize these approaches to navigate the complexities of today's catering landscape effectively.
The catering market is projected
to grow by $388B by 2028

The ebook includes:

  • 5 main trends in catering delivery
  • How to maintain excellent customer experience
  • How to increase your delivery revenue
  • How to manage your catering brand
  • How to cut catering delivery costs
  • First-party delivery vs. third-party delivery
  • How to implement catering order-tracking software
  • How modern online catering ordering systems work
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Catering Delivery Management

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management tools
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About the author

Alex Vasilkin
Co-Founder &
CEO at Cartwheel

As a business leader and entrepreneur with over ten years in the delivery space, Alex has a passion for transformative technology that fuels business success. At Cartwheel, Alex is responsible for the strategic vision and day-to-day operations that drive Cartwheel's growth.

Prior to founding Cartwheel, Alex launched a restaurant with celebrity chef Govind Armstrong (quickly becoming the top delivery restaurant on GrubHub in LA) and founded delivery service Gourmet Runner (serving hundreds of restaurants in Los Angeles.)

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What you’ll learn:

How to increase profits for your delivery business
How to manage your online reputation when using third-party delivery fleets
Efficient delivery management techniques
...and more