EBOOK: Top 5 Trends Affecting Pizza Delivery revenue in 2023

The pizza industry has proven both pandemic- and recession-proof, with sales in the U.S. alone topping $55 billion in 2022.
Even though the pizza delivery industry seems to thrive, the competition is growing, pizza restaurants are experiencing driver shortages, and it becomes harder to control white-label delivery services. It is essential to keep up with the trends, utilize the best practices from other brands, and adopt delivery management tools to increase delivery profits and manage your brand reputation.
The United States eats 350
slices of pizza every second

The ebook includes:

  • 5 main trends in pizza delivery
  • How to deal with the driver shortage
  • How to increase your delivery revenue
  • How to manage your pizza delivery brand
  • How to cut pizza delivery costs
  • First-party delivery vs. third-party delivery
  • How to implement pizza order-tracking software
  • How modern online pizza ordering systems work

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What you’ll learn:

How to increase profits for your delivery business
How to manage your online reputation when using third-party delivery fleets
Efficient delivery management techniques
...and more