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Portillo's Case Study

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Cartwheel Benefits

Optimize your order flow

Streamline your delivery operations and save on operational costs and commissions

Control customer journey

Provide your customers with outstanding experience and strengthen your brand loyalty

Open new business channels

Take advantage of our integration network to explore more revenue opportunities

9 years
Experience in delivery

For Couriers by Couriers

We got our start in 2012 running one of the most successful delivery restaurants in LA. Two years later we moved into the restaurant delivery outsourcing business.

Since we couldn’t find exactly the right software for the job at hand, we figured we’d just go right ahead and build our own. Why not, right?

So we developed Cartwheel. Since its inception, we’ve been consistently building it out, adding new features, and integrating new systems whenever the need arises.

After being approached by other companies looking for a powerful last-mile delivery management system, we decided it was high time to put Cartwheel out into the world!

Funded by same investors who also backed:

Ace your delivery game


As the pandemic hit, offering delivery changed from a luxury to a necessity. Is your business ready to adapt?

For companies that are only now thinking about launching delivery, we provide a complete turnkey solution to help you start and manage your new service.

For businesses that already have their delivery fleet, we provide a full-feature stack to streamline your operations and save on costs.


Powerfull Features of

Fleet management

State-of-the-art driver tracking, automated dispatch and route optimization.

Customer Satisfaction

Real-time SMS delivery updates, driver location tracking and a feedback collection tool.

Driver equipment

Offering an easy-to-use app (IOS or Android) with maps integration, miles and tips reports.

Seamless integrations

Access ordering apps, POS providers and loyalty platforms through our advanced API.

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Industries we work with

Courier Services
Retail and E-commerce
Flowers and Gifts

What our clients
say about us

With Cartwheel, we are able to use our team members to deliver our highest-value orders. Instead of relying exclusively on third-party delivery companies for delivery fulfillment, we have been able to cross-train our staff so that they can become drivers for our own fleet.

Nicholas Scarpino
SVP of Marketing at Portillo's

We have been in courier business for over 30 years doing every kind of delivery there is. Our main focus has been in the medical field; Hospitals, Labs, Blood Banks and Pharmaceutical deliveries. We used some legacy software for dispatching but it wasn't tailored towards our needs. Only after we discovered Cartwheel, we finally found the perfect solution for our operations. This app was basically built for my business. Also, when we needed something added they did it without question. What's unique about Cartwheel is that they have a separate business app for our business clients. None of the companies we looked at had that option. Thank you, Cartwheel.

Jeff Cook
President at Frontier Logistics

Customer satisfaction is crucial to our catering business. With Cartwheel we can guarantee a smooth experience for our customers, for every order, starting with our friendly catering coordinator and ending with a swift and timely delivery.

Cartwheel's easy-to-use functions allow us to schedule deliveries in advance, making sure our drivers are always available when we need them.

If you're looking to streamline your catering business and save on time and money, Cartwheel is definitely the way to go.

Simon Stone
Local Marketing Manager at Tacos 4 Life

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