New Partnership

P.F. Chang’s Elevates Catering Excellence with Cartwheel

In the world of catering, efficiency is key, and renowned restaurant brand P.F. Chang’s has set the bar high with its commitment to delivering top-notch dining experiences to its customers. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Cartwheel, the leading enterprise delivery management platform, P.F. Chang’s is revolutionizing its catering capabilities, making it easier than ever … continue reading

Cartwheel Dispatch App is here to make your life easier

We are excited to present a new addition to the Cartwheel product family – Cartwheel Dispatch App for iPad. Efficiently manage orders, assign drivers, and track order updates in real time. It’s like having a superpower for your delivery operations! Here are some key features to boost your efficiency and automation 📦 Efficient Order Management: … continue reading

Cartwheel Partners with Uber Direct to Revolutionize Restaurant Delivery

We are happy to announce our partnership with Uber Direct, a renowned provider of white-label food delivery logistics solutions, to meet the growing demand for efficient delivery solutions in the restaurant industry. This collaboration aims to bring enhanced hybrid delivery capabilities to restaurants worldwide, setting a new industry standard for white-label fulfillment. Through the integration … continue reading

New feature: Dispatcher-Driver Chat

Are you tired of struggling to coordinate orders with your delivery drivers? Do you feel like you’re in the dark when communicating with them, leading to delays and unhappy customers? A common problem in the food delivery industry is the lack of effective communication between restaurants and drivers. But fear not! We have a solution … continue reading

Tech-Powered Catering: How Cartwheel and Olo Helped Illegal Pete’s Boost Order Volume, Order Value, and Tips

Restaurants offering catering services have seen significant improvements in order volume, order value, and overall tips thanks to Olo and Hybrid Delivery technology from the on-demand delivery management platform Cartwheel. Cartwheel’s state-of-the-art software and Olo’s leading open SaaS platform for restaurants have produced excellent results for restaurants like Illegal Pete’s. Illegal Pete’s, a Colorado-based group … continue reading

Revolutionizing Pizza Delivery: The Power of Hybrid Model

The pizza industry has been a standout performer in recent years, with sales in the U.S. alone reaching a staggering $55 billion in 2022. This is primarily due to the convenience, affordability, and widespread popularity of pizza as a meal option, particularly for delivery. The rise of specialty pizza shops coupled with the efforts of … continue reading