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State-of-the-art Hybrid Delivery Platform

Increase your delivery revenue by up to 20% and get rid of operational pain.
up to 20%
revenue growth with outsourced drivers
up to 10%
sales increase with real-time tracking
up to 27%
savings in delivery costs

Hybrid Delivery

Set up rules configuring the orders you want to deliver in-house and the rest will be sent to outsourced drivers.
Hybrid Delivery is a fully automatic process that takes about 1 second per order.

Mix-and-Match Your Rules

hybrid delivery benefits

Cartwheel for Dispatchers

Manage and organize your deliveries effortlessly on Web, iPad, or mobile (iOS and Android) with up to 27% lower rates on third-party delivery.

Cartwheel for Drivers

Drivers love Cartwheel. Our user-friendly interface, fast onboarding and powerful features simplify navigating and managing deliveries. Our app store ratings speak for themselves.

Cartwheel for your Customers

Keep customers coming back for more with branded order tracking, promo banners, integrated Google Reviews and a finely tuned delivery process.

How it Works

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