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Hybrid Delivery for Catering

Set up rules configuring the higher-value orders to deliver in-house
and the rest will be sent to third-party drivers (3PDs).
Case study
50% increase in order volume, 11% increase in order value, 930% increase in tips — how Cartwheel and Olo helped Illegal Pete's with catering orders.

Catering Delivery Tools

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In-house Catering Delivery

Case Study
Self-delivery benefits outweigh costs: How P.F. Chang's increased repeat orders and average check by controlling the holistic customer experience.

Third-party Catering Delivery

Delivering catering orders in-house provides control over the entire process, guarantees a superior customer experience, and brings higher tips. If in-house isn't an option, we've partnered with trusted delivery providers for competitive rates.
The RMDA has a membership of 550+ Restaurant Delivery Services, each one locally owned and operated, in approximately 725 cities.
DoorDash has the “Large Order Program” for catering delivery. Only trusted and experienced dashers with high ratings can participate in the program.
National white-label delivery solution that lets you can outsource your catering deliveries to when it’s not possible to deliver in-house.
Case Study
Learn how Portillo's launched their Hybrid Delivery program and improved the customer experience for large delivery orders at scale.

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