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Earn a $200 Gift Card for each location that signs up.
Your referral gets a 20% OFF on Cartwheel.

Unleash Infinite Earnings

We offer bonuses for every location that goes live, with unlimited payouts.
A chain of 50 locations brings a $10,000 bonus for you.

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Terms and conditions
  • You receive a $200 Amazon gift card as a reward for every new location referred by you that signs up and becomes a paying customer. The prospect is expected to book a demo within 30 days after the referral.
  • Restaurants that sign up within 30 days after the referral will receive a 20% discount on Cartwheel’s services.
  • The referral program is limited to new brand signups.
  • Amazon gift cards, along with a report detailing the status of each referral, will be provided monthly.
  • The referral bonus does not apply to partners with whom the revenue-sharing system is in place (e.g., consultants).
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