ALCOHOL DELIVERY profitable, efficient and compliant

Delivering party to your customers can be tricky. Cartwheel’s on-demand delivery management ecosystem is here to help you be safe and efficient.

The ultimate solution forDelivery Management

Cartwheel’s all-in-one delivery management software helps you to control the online delivery orders. With Cartwheel, you can increase repeat orders, save on costs and streamline operations – no matter which delivery model you use.

ORDER TRACKING PAGE Lets your clients know exactly where their order is on a custom-branded page. Phone masking for direct, secure communication with drivers.
store app Have access to delivery tracking and management on the go in real-time. Get Google review notifications wherever you are.
web dashboard Manage on-demand and pre-scheduled orders, drivers and routes in one place. The app optimizes routes automatically, enables you to track drivers in real-time, and creates detailed reports, all in one place.
DRIVER APP In-house drivers can view incoming delivery orders, order details, and map navigation. The App includes age and ID verification for alcohol delivery, photo and signature capture, and barcode scanner.

Proof of delivery tools to ensure compliance

How it works

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Reduce costs with dispatch and fleet management tools

Streamline delivery operations, optimize fuel costs and save your team's time with route optimization, driver location with precise ETAs and secure customer-driver communication.

All features All features
  • Branded tracking page
  • Google reviews integration
  • Dispatch/client mobile app
  • AI-powered auto-dispatch
  • ID and age verification
  • Order self-assignment
  • Order сhecklist
  • Prescheduled deliveries
  • Route optimization
  • Analytics & reports
  • Feedback collection
  • Quick support

Alcohol makes up between 20 and 25% of a restaurant’s income, so it’s important to find new ways of moving it. Let us help you do it right!

Increase repeat orders with our marketing toolkit

Keep customers coming back for more with branded order tracking, promo banners, integrated Google Reviews and a finely tuned delivery process.

* If a negative review turns away 5 to 10% of your potential customers, and 300 people see the negative review with your average sale of $30

** Based on 200 delivery orders per month with an average check size of $30

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