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Cartwheel’s 2023 Highlights

2023 highlights

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of the Cartwheel family. 🤗 It’s been an incredible journey, and we’re excited to share some of the highlights that made 2023 truly special.

100+ Integrations and Partners

In 2023, Cartwheel has turned from an internal driver management solution to a unified delivery platform. This year, we achieved a significant milestone – Cartwheel now boasts over 100 integrations and partners. Among our exciting additions in 2023 were ezCater, Toast and Uber Direct, three major integrations that enhance our commitment to providing you with unparalleled flexibility and choice.

AI Features

In the tech landscape of 2023, AI was the talk of the town, and Cartwheel led the charge with our groundbreaking AI Autodispatch. This feature underscores our commitment to top-tier technology, ensuring our partners benefit from the best tools for streamlined delivery management. In total, we have rolled out over 170 new features and a brand new Dispatch App.

Enterprise Growth

In 2023, Cartwheel welcomed dozens of enterprise clients, including esteemed brands like Lou Malnati’s. Our commitment to delivering top-tier delivery management solutions extends to businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to SMBs. As we expand our network, we’re excited about the impactful collaborations that lie ahead in 2024.

Focus on Catering

We took a significant leap forward by placing a spotlight on catering solutions. Integrated with ezCater, Olo and Toast Catering, our platform redefines the catering experience with real-time tracking and efficient order management. As we reflect on 2023, this strategic shift positions Cartwheel as a leader in catering solutions, offering restaurants unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We proudly launched our DSP API, marking a significant milestone in the realm of order orchestration. The DSP API empowers restaurants to offer expansive delivery coverage to their customers while choosing lower quotes and maintaining high service standards. For courier companies, the DSP API will potentially open additional income streams.

Team Expansion

Cartwheel grew stronger with vital team additions. Experienced hands joined our Support team, ensuring swift assistance. New talents joined Development, injecting fresh ideas. Our advisory board welcomed exceptional influential minds. Our expanded team is set to drive Cartwheel to greater success, offering top-notch solutions and support.

Referral Program

We launched our Referral Program in 2023. Now, anyone can share Cartwheel with others and earn $200 for each restaurant location referred that goes live. As our community grows, everyone wins. Join in, spread the word, and enjoy the perks of collaboration!

These are all the 2023 highlights we wanted to share with you! The Cartwheel Team is already gearing up for an exciting new year filled with innovation, growth, and shared successes. Stay tuned for what’s in store, as we continue our journey together. Happy Holidays!

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