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Cartwheel Partners with Uber Direct to Revolutionize Restaurant Delivery

Cartwheel x Uber Direct

We are happy to announce our partnership with Uber Direct, a renowned provider of white-label food delivery logistics solutions, to meet the growing demand for efficient delivery solutions in the restaurant industry. This collaboration aims to bring enhanced hybrid delivery capabilities to restaurants worldwide, setting a new industry standard for white-label fulfillment. Through the integration of Uber Direct into its partner ecosystem, Cartwheel empowers restaurants of all sizes to enhance delivery coverage, reduce costs, and increase service levels, addressing the pressing challenges faced by the industry.

Introducing Enhanced Hybrid Delivery Capabilities

Restaurants worldwide need comprehensive systems to power order fulfillment as the demand for efficient delivery solutions continues to rise. Cartwheel’s strategic partnership with Uber Direct introduces enhanced hybrid delivery capabilities to revolutionize the restaurant industry. With this collaboration, restaurants can leverage Cartwheel’s innovative Hybrid Delivery technology, regardless of whether they have their in-house fleets.

Empowering Restaurants with Efficient Delivery Solutions

By integrating Uber Direct into its partner ecosystem, Cartwheel empowers restaurants to optimize their delivery operations and make outsourced delivery feel seamless and in-house. This strategic partnership allows restaurants to enhance delivery coverage, reduce costs, and increase service levels. With access to a vast network of delivery drivers and the necessary management tools, restaurants can benefit from competitive rates and enjoy a reliable and efficient delivery experience for their customers.

Addressing Industry Challenges and Boosting Revenue

The restaurant industry faces ongoing challenges, including a shortage of delivery drivers. Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery technology addresses these challenges and has already demonstrated its positive impact on revenue. Restaurants utilizing this technology have reported an average increase in revenue of 20%. This strategic partnership with Uber Direct enables Cartwheel to expand driver coverage and provide competitive rates, ensuring that restaurants can rely on a backup fleet or fulfillment method to overcome delivery driver scarcity.

Leveraging Uber Direct’s Expertise and Network

Uber Direct brings significant advantages to Cartwheel’s delivery ecosystem. Leveraging Uber Direct’s vast network of drivers and their expertise in logistics, restaurants utilizing Cartwheel’s platform can provide increased coverage and reliable service to their customers. This partnership enables restaurants to fulfill delivery orders more efficiently, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Enhancing Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery technology optimizes delivery operations and offers restaurants the opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive customer loyalty. The platform provides a customized and branded order tracking interface, allowing restaurants to maintain consistent branding throughout delivery. Cartwheel’s benchmarks reveal that, on average, customers click tracking links nine times, emphasizing the value of providing a transparent and engaging delivery experience.

With partnerships already established with top brands in the industry, including Portillo’s, P.F. Chang’s, and Potbelly, Cartwheel continues to pave the way for efficient and seamless delivery operations. To access the Hybrid Delivery solution for your brand or restaurant, reach out to Cartwheel today and revolutionize your delivery capabilities. Experience increased coverage, reduced costs, and improved service levels to stay ahead in the competitive restaurant industry.

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