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Partnership brings hybrid self/third-party delivery to independent restaurants and small businesses

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2022Cartwheel, an on-demand delivery management platform for restaurants and retailers, today announced a new partnership with ChowNow, expanding the company’s Hybrid Delivery offerings to SMBs.

Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery tools, previously available to large enterprises and chains, are now accessible by more than 22,000 independent restaurants and businesses using ChowNow, the platform powering online ordering and marketing for independent restaurants. Cartwheel’s turnkey suite of offerings includes an easy-to-use driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools for managers, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality with custom branding and reviews integrations.

“ChowNow’s mission to help local restaurants thrive aligns well with Cartwheel as we both aim to strengthen the relationship between restaurants and diners within our shared communities,” said Shannon Hajverov, Head of Partnerships for ChowNow. “This partnership complements first-party ordering from ChowNow while Cartwheel connects local independent restaurants with the tools they need to power delivery, expand capacity, and maintain control over the brand experience.”

Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery model allows restaurants and retailers to maintain a self-delivery program alongside their third-party partners. With Cartwheel, brands are able to self-select certain orders, like those within a certain distance or of a higher value, for self-delivery and outsource the rest to third-party delivery services. This model of delivery management ensures that operators maintain control over the customer experience while balancing the rising costs of outsourcing.

“By partnering with ChowNow, we’re able to offer customers of all sizes the tools they need to scale delivery capacity and grow their businesses,” said Alex Vasilkin, co-founder and CEO, Cartwheel. “We are proud to bring Hybrid Delivery to independent restaurants nationwide, empowering them to most effectively manage delivery programs that drive success.”

To date, Cartwheel has powered deliveries for top brands including Portillo’s (also a Cartwheel investor), P.F. Chang’s, Charleys Philly Steaks, and more.


About Cartwheel

Cartwheel is an on-demand delivery management platform for restaurants and beyond. The company was founded in 2012 as a delivery restaurant. After it quickly grew to become one of the most popular delivery operations in Los Angeles, the founders decided to focus solely on the delivery outsourcing business. When the team realized there was no software solution to meet all of their needs, they decided to build it themselves. Cartwheel offers turnkey solutions for in-house delivery operations, including an easy-to-use driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools for managers, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality. Cartwheel is also partnered with Olo and its network of restaurants nationwide. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

About ChowNow

ChowNow helps over 20,000 local restaurants across North America sustainably grow their delivery and take-out business and connect directly with customers in their communities. Founded in 2011 by Chris Webb, CEO, and Eric Jaffe, COO, the company offers restaurants a range of digital tools and services, marketing support, and access to valuable customer data. From the beginning, ChowNow has been committed to a fair, transparent, and respectful relationship with its restaurant partners. Headquartered in Los Angeles, ChowNow has processed over 150 million online orders to date. For more information, visit

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