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LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2022Cartwheel, the on-demand delivery management platform for restaurants, couriers, and beyond, today announced new and expanded partnerships with Omnicart and Olo that provide local delivery service providers (DSPs) and restaurant delivery services (RDS) with technology and tools to power their businesses.

A new partnership with marketplace and operations tech provider Omnicart enables DSP and RDS companies to build and customize multi-vendor marketplaces at the local level, while leaning on Cartwheel’s offerings to manage and optimize the logistics of deliveries. Both companies are active partners of the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA), making it simple and seamless for the group’s more than 550 members to build, control, and optimize their delivery operations.

“Together, Cartwheel and Omnicart technologies offer the optimal end-to-end delivery management solution for local delivery operators – think of it as RDS 2.0,” said Arya Rashtchian, co-founder and CEO, Omnicart. “Local providers can now access via open APIs the sophisticated tech and customizable offerings typically only available within expensive enterprise platforms.”

Cartwheel has also expanded its partnership with Olo, a leading open SaaS platform for restaurants, making the hyper-local delivery functionality available to more than 600 restaurant brands. Restaurants located in rural areas that are not populous enough to support major delivery service providers can now connect their local delivery partners to Cartwheel’s delivery management and tracking technology, simply and seamlessly via the Olo Dispatch API.

Local DSP operator Jackrabbit Deliveries is among the first customers to combine solutions from Cartwheel, Olo, and Omnicart to power its offering in multiple local markets.

“Cartwheel’s powerful network of partners led us to offerings from Olo and Omnicart, and their combined offerings have enabled Jackrabbit Deliveries to consolidate and optimize our tech stack,” said Kevin Polk, Owner at Jackrabbit Deliveries. “We are now well-positioned to scale to new regions, and are excited about the opportunities ahead thanks to our partnership.”

Cartwheel’s turnkey delivery and fleet management offerings include an easy-to-use driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality with branded tracking for both customers and dispatchers.

In addition to technology, Cartwheel also offers its customers, including local and national courier services, opportunities for new streams of revenue through its network of restaurant brands, and online ordering partners and platforms, including Square, ChowNow, Nash, and RMDA’s LocalDelivery.

“Cartwheel got its start as a courier company, and we understand the challenges inherent to local delivery operations as well as the importance of partnerships that bolster capabilities,” said Alex Vasilkin, co-founder and CEO, Cartwheel. “We are proud to partner with other best-in-class technology providers to help local companies manage the logistics of delivery.”

In addition to delivery management tools, Cartwheel also provides Hybrid Delivery functionality, which enables delivery companies to use their primary fleets by default, while providing access to backup drivers and tools to manage them during times of high order volume or overflow. Cartwheel’s delivery interface allows couriers to offer customized and branded order tracking pages so their restaurant partners can increase their own brand-loyalty with consumers.


About Cartwheel

Cartwheel is an on-demand delivery management platform for restaurants and beyond. The company was founded in 2012 as a delivery restaurant. After it quickly grew to become one of the most popular delivery operations in Los Angeles, the founders decided to focus solely on the delivery outsourcing business. When the team realized there was no software solution to meet all of their needs, they decided to build it themselves. Cartwheel offers turnkey solutions for in-house delivery operations, including an easy-to-use driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools for managers, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality. Cartwheel is also partnered with Olo ($OLO) and its network of restaurants nationwide, as well as Square ($SQ), ChowNow, and others. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit

About Omnicart

Omnicart is a SaaS platform and a delivery operating system, and we are on a mission to empower everyone to unlock the potential of on-demand delivery. In the same way that Shopify made it easier for anyone to start and scale an e-commerce business, we are making it possible to start and scale an on-demand delivery business. Omnicart can be set up in hours, has a world-class end-user experience, and can be used for delivery of any type of products including food & beverage, liquor, and consumer goods.

About Olo

Olo is a leading open SaaS platform for restaurants that enables hospitality at every touchpoint. Millions of orders per day run on Olo’s on-demand commerce engine, providing restaurants a single source to understand and serve every guest from every channel, whether direct or third-party. With integrations to over 300 technology partners, Olo customers can build personalized guest experiences in and outside of their four walls, utilizing one of the largest and most flexible restaurant tech ecosystems on the market. Over 600 restaurant brands trust Olo to grow their digital ordering and delivery programs, increase operational efficiency, and make every guest feel like a regular. Learn more at

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