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LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2023 — Cartwheel, the industry-leading on-demand delivery management platform, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Uber Direct, a renowned provider of white-label food delivery logistics solutions. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to revolutionize the restaurant industry by introducing advanced hybrid delivery capabilities to restaurants worldwide.

As the demand for efficient delivery solutions continues to surge, restaurants require comprehensive systems to streamline order fulfillment. This partnership establishes a new industry standard for white-label fulfillment, bringing Cartwheel’s cutting-edge Hybrid Delivery technology to restaurants of all sizes, regardless of whether they have their own in-house fleets.

By integrating Uber Direct into its partner ecosystem, Cartwheel empowers restaurants to expand delivery coverage, reduce costs, and elevate service levels. With access to a vast network of delivery drivers and the essential management tools, restaurants can now avail competitive rates while delivering superior customer experiences.

This collaboration effectively addresses the pressing challenges faced by the restaurant industry, including the ongoing shortage of delivery drivers. Restaurants utilizing Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery technology have reported an average revenue increase of 20%, underscoring the positive impact of efficient and seamless delivery operations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Uber Direct to expand driver coverage and offer competitive rates for our Hybrid Delivery solution,” said Alex Vasilkin, co-founder, and CEO of Cartwheel. “This collaboration also opens up opportunities to work with brands that don’t have in-house fleets. In a market where delivery drivers are scarce, relying on a single fleet or fulfillment method is no longer sufficient. Having a reliable backup is essential.”

Leveraging Uber Direct’s vast driver network and logistics expertise, Cartwheel’s restaurant partners can now enjoy a dependable and efficient delivery experience for their customers.

Bernie Huddleston, Head of Uber Direct across the US & Canada, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to bring increased coverage and reliable service to the restaurant industry through this new collaboration with the team at Cartwheel. Working together, we can enhance the way restaurants fulfill their delivery orders, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and driving business growth.”

Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery technology enables restaurants to optimize their delivery operations, seamlessly integrating outsourced delivery as part of their in-house offering. The platform offers a customized and branded order tracking interface, allowing restaurants to enhance brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. Cartwheel’s benchmarks demonstrate that, on average, customers click tracking links nine times, highlighting the value of providing a transparent and engaging delivery experience.

To date, Cartwheel has successfully powered deliveries for top brands, including Portillo’s (also a Cartwheel investor), P.F. Chang’s, Potbelly, and many more. To learn more about accessing Hybrid Delivery for your brand or restaurant, please get in touch with us today.

About Cartwheel

Cartwheel is the premier on-demand delivery management platform catering to restaurants and beyond. Initially founded in 2012 as a delivery restaurant, Cartwheel quickly rose to prominence as one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after delivery operations. Focusing solely on delivery outsourcing, the company recognized the need for comprehensive software solutions and built its own. Cartwheel provides turnkey solutions for in-house delivery operations, featuring an intuitive driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools for managers, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality. Additionally, Cartwheel is partnered with Olo and its extensive network of restaurants nationwide. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit

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