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Innovative Technology Drives Customer Satisfaction and Brand Growth

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2024 – Cowboy Chicken, the premium fast casual restaurant brand renowned for its wood-fired rotisserie chicken, has teamed up with Cartwheel, the leading enterprise delivery management platform, to powering Hybrid Delivery for its locations nationwide. This collaboration has successfully been implemented across all Cowboy Chicken locations, enhancing their delivery operations.

Cowboy Chicken’s selection of Cartwheel for Hybrid Delivery underscores the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By integrating Cartwheel’s cutting-edge technology with its Olo-powered online ordering platform, Cowboy Chicken is able to maintain its self-delivery program while leveraging national third-party fleets through Olo Dispatch during peak demand or overflow situations.

Recognized as a trailblazer in the fast casual restaurant industry, Cowboy Chicken’s collaboration with Cartwheel aligns with the brand’s long-term commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences while embracing the latest industry trends and technology.

“We are thrilled to integrate Cartwheel’s Hybrid Delivery platform into our Olo-powered operations,” says Sean Kennedy, President and CEO of Cowboy Chicken. “With over four decades of commitment to both tradition and innovation, Cowboy Chicken has continuously strived to elevate the dining experience. This integration reaffirms our dedication to enhancing efficiencies and enriching the lives of our franchisees and customers.”

Cartwheel’s technology enables Cowboy Chicken to provide real-time tracking for customers, enhancing their end-to-end dining experience, while improving delivery operations for restaurant managers and employees. Cartwheel also enhances catering delivery operations, offering catering-specific features such as proof of delivery and image capture. 

Greg Schept, Associate Director of Business Operations at Olo, is excited about the partnership: “At Olo, we recognize the powerful effect digital transformation can have on growing restaurant brands. We are proud to support brands like Cowboy Chicken within the emerging enterprise market segment, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey toward continued success and expansion.”

“We are honored to partner with Cowboy Chicken, a brand renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” says Alex Vasilkin, CEO of Cartwheel. “Together, we are redefining the delivery experience, empowering Cowboy Chicken to maintain control over its delivery services while delivering unparalleled convenience to its customers.”


About Cartwheel

Cartwheel is an enterprise delivery management platform for restaurants and beyond. 

Established in 2012 as a Los Angeles-based delivery restaurant, the company rapidly shifted into a leading delivery outsourcing business. When the founders discovered the delivery management software they needed didn’t exist, they decided to build it themselves.

Cartwheel’s delivery management platform powers dozens of NRN’s Top 500 enterprise brands, including Portillo’s (also the first minority stakeholder investor), P.F. Chang’s, Potbelly and Lou Malnati’s. 

Cartwheel offers turnkey solutions for in-house delivery operations, including an easy-to-use driver app, sophisticated dispatch tools for managers, and user-friendly customer interaction functionality, helping brands increase repeat orders. For more information, visit 

About Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in real wood-fired rotisserie chicken. The brand has been included in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers list every year since 2011 and in 2017 won the Emerging Chain of the Year award from Restaurant Business and was named one of the Top 25 Most Loved Brands by Foodable. Forbes magazine also chose Cowboy Chicken as one”Hot Restaurant Chain to Buy into Now,” and in 2020, QSR ranked Cowboy Chicken #14 in its 40 Under 40 list of the 40 most exciting fast casual concepts with fewer than 40 units. Cowboy Chicken is currently seeking qualified franchises to help build the brand in select markets across the U.S. For more information, visit or email

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